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After many years of vacationing with our children and friends in the Jacó area, surrounded by nature and a sense of peace, far from the sounds of the city, we were presented with the opportunity to purchase land and build our own summer home.

That home was always bursting young people, which helped us better know our children's friends and enjoy spending time with them in a safe and healthy environment. Mornings were spent learning to surf and in the afternoons, they'd invite their friends over to swim in the pool, play a game of pick-up soccer or volleyball, and sunbathe; in the evenings, we'd all listen to music, have barbecues, make paella, crack open a few cold beers, and play board games.

  • Flores de nuestro jardín. Flower from our garden.
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Several years later, we purchased the lot next door, and the idea was born to build a boutique hotel. We started thinking about all the places we had ever vacationed, and defining what we liked most about each. We also considered the advantages of our property, like the climate, the tropical surrounds, and the river, and considered how much we'd have to learn about the hotel industry. We chose to build suites that could comfortably sleep five guests, and that would each have an outdoor kitchen to provide a separate space for cooking. This way, the aromas of dinner wouldn't enter the room and the designated chefs could still participate in any outdoor activities on the terrace or balcony, and enjoy their rooms' gorgeous views.

We designed pools for both children and adults, as well as an outdoor, covered seating area, called a rancho, to host special events, concerts or programs, or to get together with family and friends for an evening barbecue. We finally opened in December 2008. We love spending time with our guests, when we and they have the chance.

We enjoy meeting people from other countries. And we are always concerned with the "big little details" and enjoy taking good care of anyone who has chosen us for vacation, as we have done all our lives for our children and their friends.

At this time we are very proud of our younger daugheter just designed all the renovations and decorations at the hotel, after she graduated in Boston in Industrial Design.