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Common areas

Pool, Best outdooors Spa and Gardens

In our common areas, you'll enjoy use of two pools (including a children's pool with water slide), a jacuzzi, waterfall. You'll also have access to our tropical gardens, where you can sit and enjoy nature, listen to music, have fun with friends and family, and play one of the board games available at the hotel.


Surrounded by lush vegetation on the river's edge. We work only with professional massage therapists and the best products from the Dead Sea.

“When you can feel happiness in your bones it’s time to let go of it.” But who would ever want to let go of happi-ness? “Happiness wants to flow as sure and eternal as the Amazon. If you hold onto happiness too tightly it slips away in a short burst of anger, fatigue ridden hours in front of the television, or the haze of a “been there done that” attitude about everything. Happiness knows you can never live back into time you can only live now. So to hold on too tight is unnatural and happiness only lives in the natural beauty of existence. Leap into the peaceful quiet of a spa day. Feel the happiness flow from your head to your big toe. Let your legs melt away for they have served you well climbing to new heights and carrying you all the way home at the end of the day. Close your eyes with gratitude that they have filled your mind with the wonders of the road less travelled. Deepen your breath, deepen your mind, and know that every moment is perfectly made just for you. At Pumilio wherever you are heading, you are al-ready there. The road isn’t leading anywhere because you are the road. Leap into yourself. Do not return until all of the tension of being so happy has left your body. Do not return until you are living and breathing peace. It’s in the moments of re-flection that we can really see our true destination is here.”


You'll also have complementary access to our BBQ area, fully equipped and available for guest, between the pool and the thatched-roof rancho (outdoor dining area).