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Price $65

Tour Duration

Departure time


What to bring


1-3 hours

Flexible throughout the day, depending on the tide

Includes Transportation, bilingual instructor, and surfboard

Sunblock, bathing suit, beach towel, and drinking water

Playa Jaco (beginner and intermediate surfers)

Playa Hermosa (advanced surfers)

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Costa Rica is the most popular surfing destination in Central America; waves are consistent and the water is warm, making Jacó a paradise for surfers. Waves at Playa Hermosa are challenging, even for the most advanced and expert surfers, while beginners and intermediate surfers spend the day at Playa Jacó.

Our instructors are very experienced in the sport, the best waves throughout the day, and the ocean's conditions – the perfect combination for finding you the ideal place to practice your skills. Surf lessons tend to end when the waves are too high and also during low tide.

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Leap into the secrets of the sea. Which kind of sea life are you? Will you be like the dolphin or sea lion surfing the waves. If you do you will feel the ocean herself wrap her arms around you and tuck you into to her pounding heart. Will you be like the black-bellied whistling duck paddling along the shore standing tall atop the ocean’s surface? If you do make sure to look far afield from your standing paddle board at where you’re going without a care to where you have been. A duck never bothers her neck to review the past. Or will you be the colorful and acrobatic Dorado fish snorkeling in the sea? If you do make sure to wave your fins through the water and dive deep then wiggle them faster than lightning to burst up for air. Do not return to Pumilo until your lungs are full with the sea air and your pulse is one with the tide. When you lay your limbs down for a well deserved rest you will feel the heart beat of adventure chanting her secrets into your ears.